East Izu gourmet banquet

Japanese food emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients, but no more than the fresh from the local come again.
Get rid of immutable, Western elements of the integration into the food, and Japanese food to achieve the perfect balance.
Subtle changes in taste and insistence on ingredients, as far as possible to bring guests Izu four sentiment feast.

Dinner dishes

Enjoy the delicious Japanese four seasons and bring you a unique feast.

  • Izu flavor platter
    Tiancheng tofu
    The mustard wolfberry soup
    Izu bean salad with pickled basil
    Shrimp rolls with white wine cream sauce
    Chicken liver wind
    Honey roasted duck
    Stew tomorrow leaves
    High leaf sushi
  • soup
    Koyoi special fish soup
    Izu goldfish
    East Izu fresh catch
    Shrimp scallop nodding
  • Sashimi
    Sagami Bay seasonal fish three fight
  • main course
    Pottery roasted and cow
    Seasonal vegetables 撘 pepper orange vinegar
  • side dish
    Sakura flowers rape flower mousse
    Lily flower root cuttlefish Squid
  • Meals
    Gold sea bream pot rice
    Red taste by soup
  • dessert
    Shizuoka cheese cheese orange sauce
    Vanilla shortbread
    Season fruits

Breakfast dishes

The use of unmanaged Ichinomichi stew out of long proud gold soup,
Bring the traveler a day of energy.

  • Special long gold-plated soup
  • East Izu side dishes confluence
    Salted squid
    Japanese jelly
    Tuna fish Ding
    Mushrooms mushrooms
    Cold Sargasso dish
  • Raw lettuce with potato salad ham mini tomatoes
  • Stewed radish zucchini sauce by the sauce
  • Japanese egg roll
  • Local and wind stew
  • Burning things
    Dried horse mackerel
    Ito fish cake
  • Meals
    Fresh bonito tea bubble rice

※ The contents of the dishes will be changed according to the season.


Semi-open dining room allows you to fully enjoy the privacy and pleasure of dining.
Let the body and mind to relax slowly, hard to understand the East Izu cuisine.




dining time

Breakfast: 8 o'clock ~
Dinner: 18 o'clock ~

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About food allergies

If you are allergic to any food, please contact us 3 days before check-in.
We will replace your meal.

After changing the meal there may be additional costs incurred.

Can be changed for your meal

Crustaceans (shrimp, crabs) and eggs

※ If you have any allergic food in the processed food, you will not be able to change it for you

Unable to replace your meal

Buckwheat, peanuts, wheat, dairy products and others

※ Kitchen conditioning equipment and washing machines if allergic residual ingredients also forgive me